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things i told the internet, but didn’t tell my mom, 2013
"a series examining the way that daily blogging for the last six years has changed my concept of privacy. each phrase was directly taken from something that i posted online, but never talked about in person."
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i want to get plants like this. :)




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My living room smells so lovely right now.  I love that my favorite flower is always blooming on my birthday.


There are a million and one things I could tell you about this boy. I could tell you how I fell in love with him within 3 months of knowing him. I could tell you I’ve never met anyone quite like him in my life. I could tell you he’s changed my life in ways I never imagined possible. All of which is true. 

Before I met Callum, I didn’t realise that part of my life was empty, in fact I used to cringe at couples that were all over each other. I vowed that I’d never be one of those girlfriends who becomes overly infatuated, boy did I surprise myself. But the moment I first saw him and met him, there was something different about him. I know that sounds lame and like a cliché like from a movie but it was true and well, when our mutual friend told me that Cal found me hot - that was the cherry on top really. Soon after that I found myself always keeping an eye out for him around college and when I knew he was there, I wanted him to notice me as I noticed him and I wanted him to see me smiling and laughing because God damn I already was in love with his smile and I wanted him to be the same with mine. I found myself finding any excuse to talk to him, albeit they were some shitty one-liner as I didn’t want to embarrass myself but hey, they always gave me that jolt in my stomach. Then the true miracle came, I was ‘requested’ to his best friend’s party, yet no-one would tell myself or my friends who quite asked for me to go along, so we did the normal thing - trawled through the guest list on facebook to see who I knew. Y’know I really hoped it was him, and well, as I found out later at that party it was him that asked. He was adorable from the start though, they came to pick us up from the train station and his friends at first said they’d drive me and one of my friends and Cal could take the other two, yet he insisted he’d take me. Of course, I tried to help with the ol’ ‘well done on passing your test Callum, I didn’t know you could drive’ aka give him something for us to talk about. It was like we were magnetic, I just had to go near him, I had to talk to him. So I flirted, I teased him because he couldn’t play Ring of Fire correctly and he was adamant he could. He put his arm around me for the first time in front of our friends cooker, he kissed me for the first time there and that night we fell asleep in each others arms like we were some elderly couple who’d been together for years and falling asleep holding each other was the only thing we’d ever done. That was just the beginning, but we both remember the question I asked him when we were stood outside the front of Harry’s house that evening. I told him I didn’t want any 5 minute flings, I wanted something more. So I asked him what this all was, was he prepared to be in this for the long run. Now I know, that’s crazy, I’d asked a 17 year old kid I’d barely known for a few weeks if he wanted to be ‘in the long run’, but at the time neither of us considered it to be a permanent thing, all we meant was ‘hey let’s try this out.’ But y’know what? Where every teenage boy would’ve gone screaming, running for the hills, this incredible boy, my incredible boy promised he’d be in this for the long run.

He stuck to it. That party was May 17th 2013. On June 29th we decided to officially label ourselves as ‘boyfriend’ and ‘girlfriend.’ He was… he was perfect. I didn’t like clingy guys who were OTT, he made me laugh and knew exactly what to say. He still does. Come August we went to Reading Festival with all of our friends, I went with the intentions of sharing a tent with 3 of my closest friends but by the second night there I’d officially moved into his. That Saturday, 24th August, we’d successfully managed to lose our friends which resulted in us watching Imagine Dragons, Chase and Status and Eminem by ourselves. Yet in the midst of all the drunken festival antics, I was teasing him (as per usual, I think it’s my forte) and that resulted in something life-changing. Whilst I’m childishly going ‘C’mon Cally you know you love me’, he just looked me straight in the eye and said ‘I do. I love you.’ Insert several hours whilst we were second row from Eminem and Chase & Status, and we are soberly walking back to our camp. Just the two of us. So I tried to see if he meant this or if it was just drunken ramblings, caught up in the moment. So after my probing of ‘so Cal, that thing you said earlier… did you mean it?’ finally we both came out with it, we’d fallen in love with each other. And then he kissed me, it didn’t matter it was right in the middle of a huge crowd all trampling in one direction, it was perfect for us.

See, before Callum, my life was empty. I had a Callum-shaped hole missing and I didn’t know that until I’d found him. Every day since I’ve fallen more in love with him, every day since I find myself so grateful, so lucky that I get to call him mine. I get to hold him close, I get to kiss him and spend the rest of my life with him. I’ve changed in a million and one ways and I’ve become the best possible version of myself from being with him. I’d never imagined I could feel so strongly about another, feel so connected and attached to someone as I do with him. He’s my person. He’s the person I want to wake up to every day for the rest of my life, he’s the only person I can picture when someone asks me about my future, the one thing I’m sure of. He’s my rock, he supports me and loves me even when I don’t deserve it and despite the fact he could do so much better than me, he stays. And I love him, I love him I am so beyond in love with him. He’s my other half and the piece I’ve been missing. He’s the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. I couldn’t imagine moving in with anyone else, getting married to anyone else, having kids with anyone else. The only thing I know for sure I want in life is him. And for some crazy reason, the same reason that makes me the luckiest girl alive? He wants me too. I met my soul-mate, I met the person I was meant to be with by 17. Of course we have our ups and downs, because what couple who is madly in love with each other doesn’t? What sane people don’t sometimes get a bit jealous or irrational when they care about someone so fucking much? I know I’ll never forget what I’ve got, I’m never going to stop worshipping the ground this man walks along. Callum is incredible. He’s understanding, God knows I came with enough baggage and he’s taken it all on his stride, he’s my best friend. He’s everything I’ve ever needed in a person and so much more. For that I’m the luckiest girl in the world.

I’m so in love with you Cally. 14 days down, 2 to go until you’re back in my arms. X